Kaiser Fung runs workshops for analysts and senior managers in data science, business analytics, and data visualization.

To get a sense of his wide-ranging perspectives on both management and technical matters, see his data science blog, his data visualization blog, his two popular science books, his youtube videos, and his press coverage.

He also develops and teaches courses for educational institutions.



DATA SCIENCE for Managers

How to talk about Big Data without doing Big Data. What is Big Data? Data science? Machine Learning? AI?

Learn about the sources of data, the analytical methodologies, and the business applications. Understand the jargon and acronyms. Appreciate the promises and the challenges. Feel confident when talking to your data team.


Finding & Telling Stories Using DATA VISUALIZATION

Data visualization – when done right – can transform not only the way you present results to stakeholders in your organization, but also the way you explore and analyze the data itself.

Dynamic visualization helps researchers find and construct a narrative around linkages between variables in even the most complex data sets.

You’ll learn how to weave together analytics and data visualization to produce graphs that make an impact.


NUMBERSENSE: Statistical Reasoning in Practice

In the Big Data age, all workers must learn how to make and debate arguments driven by data. Big data have spurred more debate, not less.

Using the Harvard case method, learn how to interpret Big Data analyses without needing to learn math. Finally understand key concepts such as sampling bias, statistical variability, statistical significance, statistical adjustments, and statistical models using case studies and in-class discussion.

How are my workshops different?

  • Best practices backed up by 15 years of practical experience in business analytics, including head of data at several companies
  • Razor-sharp focus on using data to create value for organizations
  • Real-world case studies assembled from 10+ years of blogging and writing about the field
  • Balanced coverage of technical and non-technical contents

If you are looking for a practical and engaging workshop in data science, analytics or data visualization: