I offer full-day or half-day workshops for executives on building and managing data teams. Choose one that most fits your needs.


Big Data for Executives

How to talk about Big Data without doing Big Data. What is Big Data? Learn about the sources of data, the analytical methodologies, and the business applications. Understand the jargon and acronyms. Appreciate the promises and the challenges. Feel confident when talking to your data team.


How to Build Effective Data Teams

To ensure good ROI, executives must figure out how to organize and manage data teams and infrastructure. Important decisions include hiring, setting up the organization, setting the strategic agenda, investing in technology, aligning with the business, and motivating the team.


Numbersense for Executives

In the Big Data age, executives discover that data does not create consensus; on the contrary, teams bring their own data to make conflicting claims. More than ever before, executives must adjudicate. Using the Harvard case method, learn how to interpret Big Data analyses without needing to learn math.


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