I am a popular speaker at industry and corporate events.

Key themes in my talks include improving communications between analytics and business communities, making analytics work for business, building data teams, and using numbersense to interpret Big Data analysis.

Talks can be customized to the client's requirements. For general audiences, I avoid overly technical content.

My talks are informed by over a decade of in-the-trenches experience in business analytics, spanning multiple industries and company sizes.


Sep 18, 2017
Statistical Communications course (guest)
New York

Comments to Gelman's class on data visualization


Sep 19, 2017
Optimizely User Group Meeting
New York Times

Three A/B Testing Mistakes

Sep 23-4, 2017
NBA Hackathon (judge)

Official website: here
My report after the event: here

Oct 4, 2017

JMP Explorers Series
New York City

Finding and Telling Stories Using Data Visualization
Free registration: here

Oct 11, 2017
Ad Fraud Analytics Webinar & Principal Analytics Prep
Information Session, with guest Dr. Augustine Fou
Details & Free registration here




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