Data Science Career Coach

Kaiser’s experience in data science and advanced business analytics crosses industry and academia. He has counselled recent graduates in building careers as well as experienced professionals seeking to transition careers into data science or business analytics.

To get a sense of his wide-ranging perspectives on both management and technical matters, see his data science blog, his data visualization blog, his two popular science books, his youtube videos, and his press coverage.

Can I help with career planning, resume editing, interview preparation, and finding your niche within this complex field?


Kaiser's insights helped me navigate the complexity and impersonal nature of the job market in order to find the best possible roles to apply for, how to sharpen my skills in order to do the work, and most importantly, how to convince someone else to say yes.


No matter how knowledgeable we think we are with the job application process, we are all saddled with personal biases that blind us to how we present ourselves. You need someone you can trust who can provide relevant, meaningful feedback and Kaiser is that person. He brings valuable insights into the hiring manager’s mindset and will coach you to get appreciable results.



Initial Consultation

The first 30-minute session is 50% off.

Coaching Session

Schedule a 30- or 60-minute session with me to get pointers for:

  • Career planning

  • Resume editing

  • Interview preparation

  • Finding your niche within the complex field